• Week 5 results at Logibet

    Our recently promoted Junior took a big shot on the bookies on the first week of February

    Our newest Senior, varin had a sloppy start to the month, and the tenured Senior mr.blonde had a lesser than expected week as well. We are certain they won't give up too, as the soccer season is ready to kick up in full swing.

    We can't complain about our new Juniors though, especially zotya1981, who had a phenomenal week. He has won exactly half of his 54 tips, but thanks to the 3.16 average odds, he profited +129.84 during this time. His ice hockey tips were especially great. Here his 26 tips resulted in 66.96% ROI. Besides him, Kormanyzo21, zsoltimolnar88 and knorbika had a winning week as well to start February, which meant the whole group finished in the black.

    There were a number of good performances among the Rookie. The more impressive performances were beregvaros with +22.75 profit from 22 tips, and Kezso with 17.01 units from 18 tips, but those who invested into gtfanatic, Stalker_0222, mischu72, moglinho, fawkes, ledocs1 or Bobsn had a happy week as well.

    It is no surprise that among the best tips of the week we will find the same names as well. Bobsn for example correctly predicted Leicester City's upset against Manchester City. Zotya1981 made an outright tip that Roberto Bautista-Agut wins ATP Sofia, which also produced a nice profit.

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