• Exceptional results from a Junior and a Rookie to close out 2015

    Our handball expert had the best week to close out 2015.

    Our senior, mr.blonde had one tip on Logibet the last week, and because his darts tip won easily, he won +3.05 units during the last week.

    The best performance of the Junior's group was recorded by Noemail, who has returned to life after several down weeks. Our handball expert made 7 tips over the course of the week, 6 of them cashed in, which means a profit of +14.15 units and 50.54% ROI. He especially crushed the Hungarian Women's League, where he has gone undefeated for four tips.

    We also have to point out zsoltimolnar88 out of the Rookies, who had an incredible week. Out of 24 tips, 18 has won and 5 resulted in a moneyback, meaning only one lost tips and +51.75 units of profit.

    There will be a lot to bet on in the first full week of 2016, as the NFL Playoffs begin, but there will be two gamedays in the Italian Serie A as well. The 1/8 finals of the Copa del Rey (Spain) and the upcoming round of the FA Cup (England) will be held this week as well. Also the tennis season starts and the major leagues continue as usual.

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