• It has been a great week for our Junior tipster

    The last full week of the year was headlined by newlbot's great run.

    Newlbot, the Junior tipster who has been in that group since November has had an exceptional week in the holiday period. He has already showcased his talents in many different sports, as it happened this week as well. Not only did he manage a 11 out of 13 record, he also went perfect in darts, soccer, ice hockey and basketball as well. During this week he collected a profit of +33.92 and turned his Junior campaign into the black as well.

    Among the Rookies, it is once again szikla who is worth mentioning, who continued with his strategy of hunting on high odds of over 3.00. Although he only hit 10 out of 23, the average odds helped him to a strong week, profiting +58.19 units. His versatility means that he managed to win in European hockey as well as in North America, as shown by his 4.25 odd AHL winner.

    The last week of 2015 (and the beginning of 2016) will have lots of events to bet on. We'll only need to mention the Premier League and La Liga game days, the last week on the NFL Regular Season and the final stages of the World Darts Championship, so we can all agree this is a week not worth missing!

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