• Week 50 results at Logibet

    Only a handful of our best tipsters had a great week this time around.

    Our Senior tipster, mr.blonde had a week of only a few tips and a small negative balance. He had three soccer tips, with one of them winning, finishing the first week of December with -4.86 units.

    From the Juniors, the older members Tomihmv and varin had a good week, and from the newer members of the group, knorbika deserves a tip of the hat. The most successful member of the group was varin, who made 19.12 units of profit from 43 tips, meanwhile Tomihmv had the highest ROI: 16.5%.

    Once again, the Rookie with the best result was zotya1981 with his brave ice hockey tips, which have all alone resulted him in 56 units of profit from 49 tips, but his overall results are even more impressive: +80.22 units 27.95% ROI. Besides him, our former Junior, steve94 had an efficient week making 29.77 units out of only 14 tips, but diecisiete's 13 tips resulting in +15.41 units was a respectable performance as well.

    The forthcoming week will have slightly less events to bet on, although there will still be at least one matchday in European soccer's top leagues, and the Women's World Handball Championship will produce some valueable tips as well.

    Week 50 tipster results
    Tipster GroupTip countProfitROIAvg oddsHit rate
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    Tschaba 238
    Sajnos az utóbbi 2 hétben sokat buktam a logibettel. :(
    Egyelőre nem adom fel, remélem hamarosan pluszban leszünk!
    Apropó, jó lenne, ha legalább a senior és junior tippekhez lennének indoklások.