• Week 49 results at Logibet

    The first week of December wasn't as festive as expected.

    We had a great week to end November, but unfortunately things weren't as smooth in the first week of December. Thankfully we know have nine tipsters in the Junior group, so we're hoping this will quickly turn around.

    The only remaining Senior,mr.blonde had a freezing period in the cold December, hitting only 2 out of 5 tips, meaning the whole Senior group had a losing week.

    Our now nine strong Junior roster had also a rough week, only three of them finished in the black. Out of them, oNeMountebank  had the best week, netting 11.78 units of profit, resulting in 34.65% ROI. In terms of profit, varin had the best week, mainly because he had a productiveweek of 41 tips, making 15.52 units. Contributing to the winning side was also newlbot with 11.1 units.

    The best Rookie last week was our former Junior, Cesc18. He had a record of 9 winning tip out of 10, meaning he has profited +31.56 units, with 58.44% of ROI. Zotya1981 has also a successful week behind him, his brave ice hockey tips earned him 15.79 units, while maintaining a 2.92 average odds.

    There will be a lot of options to bet on this week, as the Champions League and Europa League has its final group stage matchday as well.

    Week 49 tipster results
    Tipster GroupTip countProfitROIAvg oddsHit rate




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    Noemail 362
    Én szégyellem magam :( Sajnos igen rosszul indult a december :( Persze nehéz a vb-re jó tippeket adni, ha meg van kötve a kezem: P és B. :(