• Week 3 results at Logibet

    Knorbika and varin are still unstoppable!

    Our Senior, mr.blonde has not had a great week. Our experienced tipster made 4 tips that have resulted in -8.72 units.

    We can however once again praise knorbika's performance among the Juniors.He continued on his successful January, mainly because of correctly predicting a 4-1 underdog. With this, he has now a 22.90% ROI after 36 tips this month. The other successful Junior was Tomihmv, who managed to bank in 3.76 units.

    As for the Rookies rank, we have to once again draw your attention to our former Senior, varin, whose 19 tips earned him 37 units of profit. There were other great performances as well. Shorty_4 with 32.65, Kormanyzo21 with 16.53 and zsoltimolnar88 with 12.65 units of profit on Week 3 are all worth mentioning.

    As for the best bets of last week, we have chosen the water polo tip from knorbika, and the tennis winner from varin.

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    knorbika 39
    Köszönöm Noemail. Ez a hónap tényleg jól sikerült. Neked is sok sikert kívánok!
    riverside 26
    Szép, szép, csak így tovább fiúk!!!
    Noemail 362
    Szép volt knorbika