• Week 2 results at Logibet

    One current and one former Senior shined on Week 2

    Once again there were a number of tipsters who had a great week. Our Senior, mr.blonde was one of them. He hit 3/5 tips for 5.41 units of profit for his customers. This equals 25.76% ROI, and you should keep an eye on him, because his main sport (handball) is in full stride with the Men's European Championship, for which he is unbeaten yet!

    Out of the Juniors, knoribka once again had the most to show. He predicted 19 tips which resulted in8.21 units out of the pocket of bookmakers, and sportindiser also had an up week.

    The Rookies didn't slow down either, after last weeks 200-unit week they have profited 120 this time, so 2016 is red hot for the upcoming tipsters. The biggest bang belonged to varin, who only had four tips, but the perfect record meant a staggering +82.87 units, and a scarcely believable +267.31% ROI. Also worth noting was zotya1981 for his+23.82 units, and the 83 tips of egyszersmind which resulted in +41.28 units. Our tennis expert, Cesc18 had an acceptable week after profiting +9.08 units, and because the Australian Open merely started, the best weeks may be yet to come.

    The third week of the year has a lot in store as well: keep in mind the Handball and Water Polo European Championship, the NFL Conference title games, but the big hit is going to be the Australian Open, which already generated lots of tips on its first day.

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