• Tomihmv still can't miss a beat

    Our Master tipster is in never before seen heights, with his Logibet Index surpassing 3000 points

    On the first try, varin only lasted one week in the Master group, whose subpar week means he can try to bounce back in Senior. Thankfully our other Master Tomihmv did not catch the "disease", on the contrary, he solidified his rank with one more great week. He has hit 6 out of 8 tips for +8.12 units of profit. This means Tomihmv has reached and surpassed the 3000 mark on his Logibet Index. You can subscribe to the Master tipster HERE.

    There were multiple good performances on the Junior level, no wonder the whole group profited. Griezmann used three soccer tips to beat the bookies (for +5.6 units), while knorbika put on a show in basketball (highlighted by 6.89% ROI and 83.33% hit rate). The best performance of the week our returning Junior diecisiete, who profited a hefty +27.03 in three sports.

    The biggest jump in the rankings also belonged to a previous Junior, WBT with 19 positions gained, while balazsb1987 lost 32 places.

    It may be worthy to keep an eye on Logibet in the following weeks as well, as there are a regiment of Roland Garros-tips available, and soccer tips will start to gather before the Euro2016 kicks off between June 10 and July 10.

    If you have any questions about the new system, you can find us at info@logibet.com or on our live chat service.

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