• Week 1 results at Logibet

    Our Rookies started beating the bookies early in 2016

    New year, new hopes: many of our tipsters have started the new year with a bang. Among the Juniors, knorbika had the best start to the year, as he profited 10.16 units from five tips with only one of them losing. Accompany that with 2.63 average odds, and the performance is even more respectable.

    The first week was loud because of our Rookies though, who had almost 200 units of combined profit. The leader of the pack was zotya1981, who although finishing with only a 34.29% hit rate, his 4.18 average odds meant 93.42 units, almost half of the whole group. Kudos to fletossy too, who had hit 7/7, with +30.51 profit, and szikla, who is starting to become a regular guest in our reviews. By working with high odds and seemingly risky bets, he had won 45 units by making a winning bet 14 out of 27 times.

    The second week of 2016 will possibly be even more sensational sports-wise, as there will be two rounds of Premier League action, more NFL playoffs, plus the Men's European Handball Championship and the Water Polo European Championship heat up as well.

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