• Welcome the second Master tipster on Logibet!

    Varin produced an outstanding Week 19, deserving the promotion

    It wasn't lonely for long for Tomihmv on the Master level, as with the quick addition of varin, they are reunited on another level. Our tipster has had a great week, thanks to lots of tips and a big profit (+56.26) as usual, deserving the promotion.

    Also deserving a tip of the hat is our (currently) lone Senior, mr.blonde, who only had 2 tips, but those were hits, resulting in +7.4 units.

    Not having such a great week were the Juniors, 5 of whom are now relegated to Rookies. Luckily on the other end there were Hanyistok21, gtfanaticot and Griezmann, who had great weeks that pushed them up in the rankings. Also worth mentioning is fogado90, who is now close to being a Senior.

    The biggest improvement was recorded by atari100, who produced +34.14 units of profit, propelling him 26 places up the rankings. On the other end of luck was zotya1981, down 25 places.

    If you have any questions about the new system, you can find us at info@logibet.com or on our live chat service.

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