• Our first Master tipster has been born!

    Tomihmv is in a great form since weeks, which made him our first Master.

    May 3rd will always be remembered among us when Logibet has crowned its first Master tipster. Tomihmv has had a sensational April, making him jump the 2500 point barrier, making him worthy of the illustrious reward.

    There are two Seniors left, mr.blonde and varin, who both hadbn a great week as well. Mr.blonde accumulated 7.78 units, while varin profited 17.35. Fletossy on the other had did not have a memorable end to April (and beginning of May), making him lose two spots and having to come back from the Junior ranks, which he has done twice already.

    Two more talented tipsters have closed out on the Senior duo in points: namely Hanyistok21 and fogado90, who have had impressive weeks behind them. The biggest jump belongs to OppoArchitizerLady, who improved 36 positions, and the biggest slider is balint4991, with 41 positions.

    If you have any questions about the new system, you can find us at info@logibet.com or on ourlive chat service.

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    OppoArchitizerLady 33
    Köszi a bejegyzést!
    varin 1652
    Congratulations, Tomihmv! But don't feel safe at the first place, I'm going to catch you, dude! :)