• Week 48 results at Logibet

    We had an awesome week on every level!

    Champions League, Europa League, mid-week games, NFL, NHL, NBA - just a few of our tipsters favourite betting options in the past week. They delivered ruthlessly, which resulted in the best week of November, earning huge profits for customers on Week 48. Let's see the numbers!

    It was sportinsider's turn from the Seniors to shine, making a successful prediction 4 out of 5 times, winning 10.84 units. Unfortunately mr.blonde was not so sharp this week, but still, the Seniors profited as a group.

    In the Junior group, four out of six tipsters have won, meaning they had a great week. Here are their exact numbers: Tomihmv +26.22 units, Noemail +11.76 units, newlbot +28.4 units and varin +6.74 units. We have to especially tip our hat to our former Senior tipster Tomihmv,  who had an unbelievable 9 out of 10 winning tips, resulting in 58.26% ROI.

    Rookies had a profitable week too, but some of them went even further than that. WBT and Cesc18 netted a lot of profit, with the latter even went perfect (9/9) for +26.66 units. He wasn't the only perfect though, Hanyistok went 7/7 for +26.27 units. The winningest user was szikla, who had a stunning profit of +130.99 units, while in second place was zotya1981 with +70.12.

    Don't forget that these are the last hours of the month, and some tipsters are only inches away from reaching a new level. Check your Tipster Profile to find out what you need for advancing your level, or retaining the current one.

    Week 48 tipster results
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