• Week 46 results at Logibet

    This time it was the Juniors' turn to shine.

    Last week saw a hiatus in club soccer because of Euro 2016 qualifier playoffs, but this didn't mean the tip count has dropped, as our tipsters found value in many games. Let's see Week 46 in detail.

    After sportinsider's brilliant results last week, it was mr.blonde who finished in the black for seniors, winning on four out of six bets, netting +8.24 units of profit. Unfortunately the seniors still had a losing week as a group.

    On the other side, the Juniors had a high hit rate, namely 61% on Week 46. Newlbot has managed to stand out of even this high standards, finishing with 10 out of 15, profiting 19.77 units. Noemail and our former Senior varin had a winning week as well.

    Out of the Rookies, it was IkonPiko, who had an exceptional week, making 47.28 units of profit, but we should not forget about oNeMountebank, former Junior WBT, Kormanyzo21 and Vasero who hide nice profits as well.

    After the Euro qualifier playoffs, life returns to normal, and club soccer will have marquee matchups like Manchester City-Liverpool, Real Madrid-Barcelona, Juventus-Milan or Schalke-Bayern Munich.

    Week 46 tipster results
    Tipster GroupTip countProfitROIAvg oddsHit rate
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