• Find the best Tipster in each sport on Logibet

    Logibet has just introduced a new feature which ranks our tipsters by the profit their tips made in a specific sport.

    Did you ever wonder who is the best soccer tipster on Logibet? What about basketball? You don't need to guess or do extensive research anymore, thanks to our new feature, Toplists.

    This way you can see what each tipser's strongest field of expertise is, as well as in a given sport who's giving the best tips.

    To make sure you get reliable info, there are some conditions to get on the toplists:
    1) Each tipster has to reach at least the rookie status on the site, meaning their Logibet Index has to reach 750 at least.
    2) Each tipster has to have given at least 10 tips in a given sport to make the that sport's toplist.
    3) Each tipster has to stay active, meaning they must submit at least one tip in 30 days.

    If you click on the name of a tipster it takes you to their profile, but if you click on the subscribe button there, you will only get their tips for that given sport in which they made the toplist.

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