• This is how you maximize your profit at Logibet!

    It is definitely worth checking the statistics frequently because every tipster has different fields of expertise. Make your own portfolio for a better chance of winning!

    Many of you have asked us in private messages how to make the most profit out of the 19-euro monthly subscription fee. Our users can browse a huge amount of tips from more than 50 tipsters, so it's time to give a little help to those who have trouble finding the best way to use Logibet.

    The speciality of the Logibet Index is that only those experts can reach the senior and master levels who made a constant good performance for a long time and are reliable, lucky upswings don't mean much. This way our subscribers can be sure that the top level tipsters aren't just on a lucky short period. Therefore, those who sit on the top of the leaderboard are making good profits and have a serious past behind them.

    All of our tipsters have a detailed statistics about their betting habits, thus you can check their performance separately in each sport, also their stake-habits and their winning rates. Another unique feat at Logibet is that you can filter the best tipsters broken down to each sport. Because of this, it is possible to make your own portfolio.

    It's worth checking, in which sports do the accomplished tipsters have the best results and what potential the upcoming talents have. There are a couple of newcomers, who do not own a good spot on the leaderboard yet, however, we can see from their numbers, that it is worth listening to their advice in a specific field.

    For a better understanding here are some examples. Kevin191 has a 7% ROI in football or statraki who made a 116-unit plus from 325 tennis tips.

    In short, if you want to maximize your profit, you should run some filter on our tipsters! So what are you waiting for? You are just a couple of clicks away from getting the picks from our best experts!

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