• We proudly present to you Logibet's tipster of the year - recommended for the high stakes bettors!

    Griezmann made numbers in 2018 which any professional tipster would be crazy about.

    Every subscriber has different goals when joining a tipster service, but they all have one thing in common: they would like to make a huge profit and big ROI, with small swings and excellent picks. If you are looking for an expert, we just described, do not look further - follow one of the best tipsters of Logibet called Griezmann.

    'Grizi' knocked down the field in '18 like a true champion: our expert did not register a single month without profit! The 12/12 stat looks exceptional, especially if you consider that he works with just a few tips a month.

    Griezmann's results in 2018

    Griezmann specializes in smaller markets, which shows that he has great sources and also shows how great he is. The 12/12 obviously would not be such a hit, if he only made a few-unit profit every month, but if we take a closer look at his stats, we can clearly see how genius he is. The senior tipster of Logibet shipped a 24.1% ROI from 150 tips!

    Our expert has an excellent all-time history as well - he made +204 units with 10.17% ROI from 579 tips altogether.

    The numbers obviously cannot lie, so if you are searching for a tipster with few picks and huge profits, do not look further - he is the one for the high stakes players!

    If the stats convinced you, do not hesitate to join Logibet for only €19.99, and get all of our tipster's tips for it.

    Logibet - finding the edge

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