• The payout formula at Logibet will change in the upcoming days, providing the best tipsters with even higher prizes!

    The amount of the prize the tipsters receive will be based on user satisfaction.

    Starting from October 1st, our payout formula will change, bringing bigger rewards for the best tipsters of the site. From now on, only those tipsters can receive a payout, who have been bringing stable results and have been recognized by the subscribers. We would like to prioritize reliable and profitable tipsters, therefore only senior and master tipsters will get a share of the monthly prize pool.

    The other important change will be the subscription-based transparent payout structure, which can be seen by every user. From this point, the number of subscribers of the tipsters can be seen on the Tipsters list and the tipster profiles and the payouts will be proportional. So the more subscriber a tipster has, the bigger their reward is at the end of the month.

    We decided to make these changes, to bring light to those tipsters, who earned great interest amongst the subscribers' thanks to their results. Only tipsters with at least one senior tip will be eligible for a reward and the prizes will be credited to players' balances on the 5th of the month, just like before. For further information check your Tipster Payment page.

    Providing the customers with the best service have already been a top priority at Logibet, and as many of you seem to prefer tips with analysis, we added a filter to the tip list, which will help you find these tips.

    If you have any additional questions regarding our new payout formula, feel free to reach out to us at info@logibet.com.

    Important changes regarding the tip publishing!

    It's been a long-time request by our tipsters to erase the limit on the number of picks/match. We decided to keep this limit before, as it could've affected our payout formula and the Logibet-index. But with our new payout formula taking effect this won't be an issue anymore.

    So in the future, tipsters can publish as many tips on a match as they wish.

    However, there's one important thing to note here: those who will try to elude the system will get warned first and then will be permanently banned! The total number of picks and units on a single match cannot be insanely high. If someone violates this rule, he/she will receive a permanent ban!

    Our goal with this change is to produce even more profitable tips, not to give anyone a way to elude the system.

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