• The Consequences of Registration with Wrong Account Details in Online Casino

    You’ve heard all kinds of clichés about the online gambling industry. The misconceptions made you believe that it’s shady. That’s not true. It’s a highly regulated industry. Every reliable gambling site holds a valid license and guarantees to secure your details under any circumstances.

    By 2024, the online gambling industry is expected to be valued at over $94 billion. No government is allowing such amounts to remain unregulated, so high security standards are mandatory. 

    Still, many players decide to lie about their identity when starting an online gambling account. Age is the most common reason: the players haven’t reached the legal age for gambling, so they think they can deceive the company by providing the wrong personal data. Others are worried about their safety, so that’s their reason for lying when they want to play in an online casino in Canada for real money.

    Registering with the wrong account details is a rookie mistake that you shouldn’t be doing.

    Let’s get into the details.

    Why Does a Real Money Casino Require Correct Personal Data? 

    To understand why it’s important for a gambling site to request real personal information, we should discuss the KYC gambling principle. KYC stands for Know Your Customer. It’s an anti-money laundering technique, which is a required standard for many regulated marketplaces.

    When a real money casino gets its license, it is obligated by the law and by the licensing conditions to adhere to these standards. This is why you are required to provide your personal details if you want to get your casino account number.

    What are the reasons for these regulations?

    • It’s a way for the industry to protect itself from frauds
    • Online gambling operators are required to prevent under-aged visitors from playing; that’s why they require a copy of an ID
    • Only real profiles are safe for transactions; any other action would be considered money laundering

    So yes; you will need to be honest when creating an account for gambling. It’s for your own good.  

    But what if you make a mistake, willingly or unwillingly? Are there any consequences for the gambler?

    What If You Provide Wrong Personal Details for Your Online Gambling Account by Mistake?

    It happens.

    Maybe you provided an inactive email address by mistake, or you made a spelling mistake in your name. Online gambling operators are aware that these issues occur, so they enable the users to fix the issues before making a transaction.

    • Do not try to open another account. You can’t do that with the same email address and the same contact details. If you read the terms on any site in this industry, you’ll realize that double accounts are considered a breach of the agreement between you and the company.
    • If you’re dealing with the best withdrawal online casino, you shouldn’t worry. Contact the support as soon as you become aware of the mistake. Explain the issue, and they will guide you through the needed steps.
    • You will be required to provide the correct information for your real casino account.
    • If you made a mistake when typing the email address, the representatives will ask you to update it yourself. If you made a mistake with the phone number, the agent will ask for the correct number, and they will send you a verification code or call you. If there was a spelling mistake in your name, you will be required to verify your identity by submitting a copy of an ID document. If you made a mistake with the residential address, you’ll be required to submit a document that proves you live in the address that you want to provide. 
    • The most troublesome issue is when you make a mistake with the banking details. If you successfully made a deposit but you want a different method for the withdrawal and you make a mistake, the transaction will not be processed. In most situations, the casino will ask you to go through a verification process. They will check the documentation and if everything goes well, you can request a new withdrawal on the correct account.

    If the customer support team doesn’t confirm that you’re the real account owner in any of those circumstances, your account will be closed. 

    What If You Intentionally Provide Wrong Details on Your Account for Gambling?

    This is a serious violation of the online casino KYC standards.

    Any specialist in gaming disputes will tell you the same: most claims against online casinos fail. As we said, it’s a heavily regulated industry, and each company has to set clear rules for its users. If you do not respect those rules, you cannot require a payout and you will get your casino account banned.

    Many players think they stay safer if they gamble under fake credentials. They decide to register a fake email address with a fake name. But the casino will not pay out to an account under a different name than the one you provided during the registration process. That’s a heartbreak, isn’t it? If you want your money, you have to play by the casino’s rules.

    The first thing the company will do is restrict your account until you provide proof of identity. If you’re unable to do that and the support agents realize that you made a fake account, it will be frozen, along with all your winnings.

    The Lesson

    It’s clear: you cannot play with a fake casino account email and incorrect personal details.

    The rules are there for a reason: the company has to protect itself against scams. The licensing authority holds it responsible for not allowing underage players to create real money profiles. Plus, the winnings might be subjected to taxing, depending on the regulations of the player’s country. It’s clear why governments will not allow gambling under fake credentials.

    If you want to gamble online, it’s important to choose a safe and reliable website. Then, you should read the terms and play by its rules. 

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