• Tesla Model 3, 7,000,000 TFS, and 7,500 FS - Fairspin Birthday Tournament has already begun!

    Below you can read about an exciting tournament hosted by Fairspin

    It is a pleasure to let you know about the start of the Fairspin Birthday Tournament, which is a big tournament in order to celebrate the birthday of our platform.

    The tournament is between 27  September  and October 27 2022.

    We are offering amongst our players who plays fascinating prizes to make this event to players a real mind-blowing experience to remember. Let’s join us by depositing bets to games at your choice and create an option to win:

    • 1st place Tesla Model 3 ($50,000)
    • 2nd place 2,000,000 TFS
    • 3rd place 1,200,000 TFS
    • 4th place 400,000 TFS
    • 5th place 400,000 TFS

    It is not over yet. By participating in the tournament you create the possibility to have a gift!  

    If you play with a deposit that reaches at least $100, you will have a chance to receive from the 3,000,000 TFS and 7,500 FS.

    The platform even prepared gifts for those who dont want to gamble. It is possible to get $1000 for following us on social media.

    What you should do to win

    1. Get TFS for each bet as a reward.

    2. Expand your bets to have more tokens.

    3. Prize places are allocated to the participants aving the biggest number of TFS mined via the P2E program in the tournament.

    4. Registered Fairspin users eligible to the tournament. 


    Due to the blockchain technology the safety of the tournament is secured. Therefore the bets are verified via Trueplay Explorer that makes sure that the 1st prize goes to the player that deserves the most.

    Let’s be part of this celebration and to be the No.1  in this awsome tournament!

    About Fairspin

    Fairspin online casino started in 2018 with a licnece from Curaçao eGaming. It has gained reputation because of its blockchain technology where all the bets made can be checked providing a secure environment of during the plays. The main feature is the Trueplay Explorer, that catches all the action made on Fairspin and forward it in Explorer.

    At Fairspin you can select from more than 5000 games of 70+ providers. Language is not a problem since the games are available in more than 20 languages.

    Moreover there is a special digital asset called TFS Тoken. The main speciality is that it can be converted from the gaming account, bought, sold on the exchange market. All this is available by virtue of the loyalty programs. The platform released an amount of TFS Тokens, aiming to maintain a stable course between TFS and USD.

    At Fairspin two programs are available relating to TFS Тoken: 

    Play To Earn – during this program users receive rakeback for their bets in the game in form of tokens. The player can choose from sending such tokens to a holding program to make profit, either sell them, or place these tokens to a currency account and play along. 

    Hold To Earn – Choosing this option the player can put TFS on hold by receiving a per centage of the casino’s income also in the form of tokens. 8 hours, 1 day, 3 days holding programs are available. The average APR of the Hold To Earn program is more than 5x. Apart from this, it is secure, because if the casino has no income, the player going to have all the tokens from holding.

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