• Best and craziest bets for Super Bowl 50

    The most watched one-day sporting event of the world is looking to once again stir up the betting world.

    A big event generates big interest, that is no suprise. However, the Super Bowl is out of this world. TV ratings are unlike any other event, commercial costs can only be afforded by the biggest conglomerates of the world, as most important for us, the betting options are the craziest.

    Take for example the good old coin toss. Betting on a coin to land on one of sides seems crazy enough, but that's just the tip of the iceberg at the Super Bowl. One of the most intriguing prop bets every year is betting on the length of the anthem. Over the past years, it ranged from Billy Joel's 90 seconds in 2007 to Alicia Keys' marathonic 155 seconds 3 years ago. The bookies first set the line to 120.5 seconds, but once it turned out the anthem would be sung by the flamboyant Lady Gaga, the line was raised to 133.5. If she covers the line, it will be the second longest Super Bowl anthem of the new millenium.

    The anthem and the halftime show are also the biggest stage for fashion statements. No wonder you can bet on the attire of all the showbiz stars. If the favorites win, Lady Gaga will be in all white, Beyoncé will be sporting black, Chris Martin of Coldplay won't be wearing a hat, no member of the band will wear sunglasses, Bruno Mars will perform in a polo shirt, and there won't be any Broncos or Panthers jerseys, or Union Jacks. At least you can't bet on Katy Perry's famous 'Left Shark' to return. Oh wait, of course you can, and if it does, you will win 16-times your wager.

    Okay, so fashion and show business experts can make good prop bets, but what about football fans? Don't worry, you can bet on the color of Gatorade that will be poured on the winning head coach. Knowing the Panthers are favourites and that Cam Newton likes Citrus Gatorade, there's value in the orange color for 2.25. You can also bet for a brawl to happen for an odds of 6, which is favorable, considering Cortland Finnegan and Aqib Talib will be on the field.

    The Super Bowl naturally is a major event for our tipsters as well so imagine some - contrary to the above - sober tips from them. Our Senior, varin and Rookie marfer have already cast their vote, but expect even more bets come game time.

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