• The race for Pinnacle's 100 euro prize is still open!

    The leader of the contest is in hand-reach thus the free money is still up for grabs.

    As you probably knew already, we started a game in cooperation with Pinnacle at the beginning of the World Cup. The goal of the competition is to register from Logibet's link to Pinnacle, and the one who bets the most will win 100 euro cash at the end of the tournament! (Also, the second place gets 50 euro.)

    We are half way at the WC and a couple of our users are already in the hunt, but talking about the amount of bets, the leader is still quite reachable.

    Here is the standing right now
    1. AK1xxxxx: 245.10$ --- 100€
    2. AV8xxxxx: 140.00$ --- 50€

    As you can see it is still worth to join the game so it is the best opportunity to join Pinnacle because besides the winning tips you can win a little extra bankroll too, thanks to Logibet's promotion.

    Register now!

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