• Register to Pinnacle Sports and get your free Logibet credits!

    If you want to try Logibet and do not have a Pinnacle Sports account yet, you have now the option to hit two birds with one stone!

    Logibet offers odds primarily at bet365 and Pinnacle Sports. Since these are the most versatile and reliable sportsbooks in the world, they are essential to every sports bettor.

    If you have not registered on Pinnacle Sports yet, we have a special offer to you: register through our link and we will give you 500 credits free to use on Logibet.

    This is a value of €50 and can be used to purchase 50 Junior tips.

    Everyone who registered to Pinnacle through Logibet after 1 January 2016 is eligible for the bonus.

    All you need to do is enter your Pinnacle Sports username at our Pinnacle bookmaker review site, at the final step of the registration guide, and we will credit your Logibet account with 500 credits in a matter of a few days.

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