• Get your credits cheaper during the Olympics!

    There will be many valueable picks during the Olympics, so we are helping you get them all with our 50% discount!

    During the Olympic Games, attention is drawn to many sports which aren't normally in the spotlight. This help tipsters to make profit of the mistakes of bookies.

    In order to let you buy as may tips as you can, we have reintroduced our 50% credit promotion.

    As you probably already know it, Logibet offers 5 different credit packages, so everyone can find the optimal value. The packages include more and more extra credits as the prize goes up, rewarding those investing more.

    With the Rio 2016 promotion, if you buy the €100 credit package, you will receive 1000+500 credits instead of the usual 1000+100, making this our most valuable package. This means that Junior tips available for only €0.67, making this an industry-leading offer! It is also worth noting that you can buy this package multiple times, so rack up as many credits as you like!

    Buy Rio 2016 Package

    Our offer only lasts until August 21, 11:59 PM CET, so don't miss out!

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