• It was an excellent November for the Juniors

    Juniors had a heck of a month in november, so their subscribers have something to smile for too.

    We started November with a record number of 44 tipsters. Out of them there were two Seniors and six Juniors, so there were a lot of great tips in the eleventh month. It is now December though, so the tipster groups have been re-evaluated, meaning that once again there have been movements between groups. Let's see our line-up to end 2015.

    Our only Senior will be mr.blonde, so once again if you are interested in only his tips, you can buy his tips for 13 credits instead of 15, by subscribing to the Senior group.

    However, the Junior group has swollen quite a lot, so they have all the right ingredients to continue a good run, because Juniors as a group had a massive profit in November. Out from the six, five remained, joining them is former Senior sportinsider, and there are also three tipsters who reached this level for the first time. They are not amateurs though, oNeMountebank, Hanyistok21 and rocket had outstanding records among the Rookies.

    It has been the usual fluctuation among the Rookies, while there are lots of Newbies moving up for the first time, you will also find some familiar names (npeter, Cesc18, WBT, Henrik_L) whose tips are now available for a budget prize of 3 credits.

    Tipster results in November:

    Tipster GroupTip countProfitROIAvg oddsHit rate






    We would like to inform tipsters, that many have dropped a level because they haven't posted the minimum number of tips. To check where do you stand, and what criteria you need to advance or maintain your level, check your Tipster Profile.

    Logibet tipsters in December:

    Senior(1): mr.blonde
    Junior(9):  Noemail, Tomihmv, varin, newlbot, knorbika, oNeMountebank, sportinsider, Hanyistok21, rocket
    Rookie (33): PartizanJake, vazul72, brichiel, Kormanyzo21, kevin191, Crisi, Bisoram, szikla, diecisiete, IkonPiko, Federer7, Griezmann, egyszersmind, Mordino, tibokovi, zotya1981, WBT, reptile, oddshacker, riko, zsoltimolnar88, statraki, npeter, Henrik_L, vasero, beregvaros, Cesc18, tatam, atari100, ledocs1, steve94

    Finally, lets take a look at the most successful tipsters and sports in November:

    Top results of November:

    Tipster GroupTipsterSportTip countHit rateAvg oddsProfit
    Rookie JuniorHanyistok21Soccer4971.43%1.64+44.38
    Rookiezotya1981Ice hockey1136.36%4.28+51.44
    RookiesziklaIce hockey5952.54%2.97+195.92
    Newbie ➡ RookiebrichielSoccer2669.23%1.73+38.35
    Newbie ➡ RookiediecisieteSoccer3571.43%1.73+38.76
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