• Rule changes from November 1

    We have implemented changes in our tipster service that will move into effect on November 1st.

    1. We have made a tiny change in our tipster level requirements. Time spent on level, tip count and overall ROI will not change, but in the last x months ROI, we have now added last 24 months as an option to reward players who have shown an ability to profit in the long run.

    2. Tipster service approval will be compulsory. This means tipsters won't be able to post buyable tips (Rookie and above levels) after November 1st until they have completed service approval. Tipsters who have made a successful cashout already do not need to make the service approval.

    We are constantly looking into improving our service, so feel free to share any feedback with us!

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    Griezmann 51
    I hope that a few more tipsters think like us. I agree, even 15 minutes should be enough.
    sportinsider 77
    i have to agree on that. same here. i also think that everybodys roi would increase. a lot of crucial infos you get only a few minutes before the game. i personaly think even 15 or 20 minutes should be ok.
    Bumbanas 27
    Az 1. változás csak azért kellett, hogy Tomihmv visszakerüljön a Junior tippmesterek közé? Most komolyan, egy ember miatt felborítjátok az egész feltétel rendszert? Ez így egyre komolytalanabb.
    Griezmann 51
    I think the rule that claims tips have to be out one hour before kick off is too much. I couldn't post a lot of tips because the official line ups came out one hour before the game. I think in the world of smartphones max 30 minutes mpre than enough to bet on something, and it would help us tipsters as well.