• The tipster of the year is on fire – win with special handball tips

    Best tipster on Logibet

    Logibet subscribers voted 2023 ‘buszkec‘ as the tipster of the year after he accumulated well over 300 units of profit in the previous year. With the Handball World Cup and friendly matches in January, expectations were even higher for the tipster, who decided not to slow down and continued to hit the bookies, aiming for this year’s title. If you only sign up for one tipster, it should be a bust, we’ll show you why!

    In January, buszkec published a total of 91 picks on Logibet and Discord, of which nearly 70% won. In one month, the tipster won +40 units!

    It is easy to calculate that buszkec recouped his subscription price even with a bet of 1€ per unit(!!!), while if someone bets with a bet of 20€ per unit, he could add about 1000€ (!!!) to his salary in January.

    Why choose Buszkec?

    • Logibet offers pre-match tips and Discord offers live and combo tips almost every day.
    • In addition all of his picks can be played at the biggest betting sites.
    • His insight into handball is quite amazing, so you can get picks for even the most obscure Asian championship.
    • His track record has been consistently excellent for years, and it’s no coincidence that he was named the 2023 Tipster of the Year.
    • The €49.99 subscription price is extremely low for a tipster of his ability.
    • He has unique sources of information to help him get match-deciding information – this tip is a great example


    Buszkec only gives tips on Logibet and also on Discord. His ideas are not available anywhere else. Once subscribed, subscribers will be entitled to view the logibetes’ tips. They also get access to the tipster’s private Discord room.

    Buszkec’s numbers on Logibet in the last 30 days

    We believe that the above arguments will convince anyone who knows anything about sports betting that there is hardly a more valuable tipster on the international market.


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