• Meet the benefits of the new tipster evaluation system

    We would like to clear the skies over some of the doubts against the new system that is set to deploy on April 1st.

    Our announcement about the new tipster system generated quite an interest over the last week. We have good news though, as we have thought about these scenarios beforehand, so we have an answer to them all.

    Tipster history:

    All of the previous tips and results for tipsters will be retained, and included in the statistics. The system will change to a monthly payout beginning April 1st, meaning the first time tipsters receive compensation will be on May 1st. Tipster balances will also not change retrospectively, they will simply be calculated differently.

    ROC instead of ROI:

    ROI (also known as Yield) is a great sportsbetting statistic. It shows if a tipster is winning or losing, and how much profit he generated compared to his stake amount. However, it has a flaw: it can be manipulated easily if needed. Logibet would not like to reward tipsters who can fabricate the best ROI. Return on capital (ROC) analyses how much someone's bankroll would have grown (God forbid, shrunk) had they been making every tip the tipster suggested. This rewards thoughtful, balanced strategies against throwing around the maximum amount every time. It was also important to make sure a tipster can not use one outstanding month of results to carry his whole career. Buyers would like to see steady growth.


    We know buyers would like to see an analysis for tips. We also experienced, that tipsters sometimes have to quickly make a huge value bet, or sometimes they do not have enough to offer (especially if it is not their mother tongue). Therefore we decided to reward those providing a customer-based mentality, without making the analysis an absolute necessity. The reward for this is only one part of the equation.

    Complex equation:

    When Logibet launched, our goal was to reward succesful and popular tipsters according to their results. Reality showed that there are ways, which result in high tipster payments without customer satisfaction. This was especially disturbing when winning tipsters have stepped on the slippery road to maximise their profit, even when they could have made the same money with customer-based mentality. In the future, the tipster has one job: make sure customer satisfaction, and the money will follow them.

    And to speak of the hard numbers: purchase-based payments guarantee that apart from really tragic months, tipsters can not have a negative-money month. The 50% revenue share makes sure they have to "sell" themselves, while the other half of the money will be distributed among tipsters based on their results, regardless of tipster level.

    Before the launch of the new system, we will likely have one more informational post, but until then, you can reach out to us through our usual channels.

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