• New senior tipster on Logibet!

    We are delighted to introduce you to Dutchdota, Logibet's new tipster from the Netherlands. 

    Dutchdota is an expert of e-sport and he has amazing stats, after 549 picks he has+8,11%ROI and +195,47 unit profit. 

    And what can our subscribers expect from Dutchdota? More than100 picks a month in average, depending on the number of active tournaments. To learn more about him, Logibet has made an interview with the new senior tipster that can be read here.

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    How long have you been a tipster?
    I have been betting for 3 years on Dota2 now, kept track of everything. I've been willing to share my experience since last October, I'm still learning about the difference in tipping and betting myself.

    Please tell us a few words about your Dota carrier? How long have you been playing? At what level are you in right now?
    My Dota career, unfortunately, ended when I finished my studies in Chemical Engineering, after finishing I gave myself 3 months to become a pro. I've been in the top 500 for quite a while but could not make it to the very top to turn pro. Probably also due to my few connections (there are currently no Dutch professional players). I've been playing Dota for around 4 years now and am still in the top 2000 of Europe.

    Which bookie would you recommend for e-sports betting?
    The bookie depends a bit on what you want. If you (also) want lower tier Dota and live bets I would suggest GG.bet or Buff.bet. Otherwise, for pre-match picks and high tier tournaments, Pinnacle or Bet365 will do.

    How can you benefit from playing Dota at a high level as a tipster?
    Playing Dota at a high level makes you understand what players are doing in the Meta, and especially the advantages of drafting heroes. I know most of the players and their signature heroes, due to playing Dota myself I'm aware of the meta and therefore if teams can play their signature heroes. This can give a slight advantage over the bookies. In live betting even more value is to be gained.

    Dota2 The International 2019 is coming soon. What are your plans for the world championship as a tipster? What can your subscribers expect from you during the tournament? What is your tip for the overall prize pool of this year?
    I will be watching and tipping every match I see value in for this TI, generally I tend to do a bit better on LAN tournaments. I expect the overall prize pool to be around 32 million for this year.

    If you want to receive tips from a real professional, with trustworthy stats, all you need to do is subscribe to Dutchdota. In the shape of Dutchdota, you can work with an expert, who will help you be a profitable sports bettor. 

    Check Dutchdota's profile and subscribe now!

    Note: Currently, we are searching for Blogabet and Betadvisor tipsters primarily because we can adapt their statistics without any trouble.

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    varin 1651
    Good luck and all the bests! :)
    mr.blonde 97
    Good luck dutchman :)
    Dutchdota 612
    Hi, thanks for the comment!
    Yes, I think there is a lot of value in e-sports (in my case mainly Dota). This is mainly due to bookies not being on point. This is because of the irregularities of Dota!
    golszerzo 9
    Hello, good to see such an expert on his field. Do you think there is value in betting on high tier e-sports tournaments?

    Wish you god luck.