• 4 MLB ballparks that may affect your betting

    If you are a fan of American major sports, the middle of the summer is definitely baseball season. Here are a few hints you might consider before betting on MLB!

    Home-field advantage is crucial in all of sports, but it is mostly because the fanbase, or unusual weather. In baseball, ballparks differ in their dimensions, which might even change the result of game. Here are the most extreme examples, as compiled by Covers:

    Coliseum - Oakland Athletics

    Foul territory is crucial in the game of baseball, as fielders can put out batsmen without any risk of scoring. The bigger the foul territory, the more foulouts, which lead to less runs. Do not expect Oakland to score or concede many runs at home.

    Fenway Park - Boston Red Sox

    Boston is a home for the Green Monster, a 37-feet high wall, only 310 feet away from home plate, which is one of the favorite targets for right-handed hitters. The Monster means Fenway Park has the highest batting average for righties. If left-handed pitchers start against good right-hander teams, expect many runs!

    Wrigley Field - Chicago Cubs

    The "Windy City" is a well-known nickname for Chicago, and this fact is important in baseball as well. If you pay attention to the weather reports, you might find out if there is heavy wind from outfield to home plate (favoring the pitchers) or the other way around (favoring the batters). This might swing the value in over/under lines.

    Yankee Stadium - New York Yankees

    Much like their main rival, the Yankees also have a short side, but for them it is the right wall. Yankee Stadium performs above average in both home runs and batting average. If right-handed pitchers start against good lefty teams, you might as well start counting the runs.

    +1: Retractable roof ballparks

    Currently 6 MLB teams use retractable roofs, however, it has a different effect for them. Marlins Park shows no statistical difference, while Safeco Field (Seattle) has wind that favors batters, incresing the chances of home runs while the roof is open. Arizona, Houston, Milwaukee and Toronto have ballparks, that are significantly more hitter-friendly with a closed roof. If you're betting on games that are being held in convertible domes, always check the status of the roof.

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