• New feature at Logibet: Follow Tipsters!

    We are happy to announce our newest feature, which was one of the most requested from users.

    Following Tipsters allows you to receive an e-mail notification every time a new tip has been posted by one of your followed tipsters, without buying the actual tip. This can help you to avoid situations when you can't make the bet for an automatically bought tip, because you're in a meeting... or sound asleep.

    You can turn on the feature by visiting the Tipsters page, and clicking on the 'Eye' icon next to the Subscription button.

    However, we should point out that the best solution is still to subsribe to tipsters or tipster groups. That way, you can save credits, and the free tips will also be bought automatically. Remember, with the best tips, it is best never to miss a beat.

    Another new feature is the option to select which e-mail notifications to receive. Using this feature, you can select freely, if you are not interested in final results, deleted tips, or other tip notifications. You can find this feature in the 'My Profile' menu under the 'E-mail Settings'

    We will post about all of our new features here, so keep an eye on the 'Blog' menu as well.

    Good luck using our service in the future as well!

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