• An all-time high number of tipsters in November!

    In our monthly review, we take a look at how are tipsters performed in October, and what line-up will be going to November.

    From November, our Senior group once again features two tipsters. Sportinsider has jumped the level thanks to his consistent performance, so you will have to follow him to his new level. The Junior level had many changes anyway, only Noemail remains from the October lineup, WBT and Henrik_L fell to the Rookies, but there are five new Juniors, namely: Tomihmv, varin, npeter, newlbot and knorbika.

    The Rookie level welcomes a whopping 20 new members, as well as losing 6, so the group will showcase 36 up-and-coming tipsters for only 3 credits per tip.

    Logibet tipsters in November:

    • Senior (2): mr.blonde, sportinsider
    • Junior (6):  Noemail, Tomihmv, varin, npeter, newlbot, knorbika
    • Rookie (36): steve94, WBT,  Bisoram, Cesc18, Cipolla, Henrik_L, riko, Hanyistok21, Griezmann, atari100, Powell, oNeMountebank, reptile, andras58, rocket, cris1285, Lampard1977, dr_szamoca, szikla, vazul72, TRX, Mordino, csabax, beregvaros, suvel, Xretism, zsoltimolnar88, vasero, zotya1981, Krisz21, Kormanyzo21, prutyika, Federer7, IkonPiko, Csabi13, Brian


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