• Black Friday on Logibet - Join the camp of winners with huge discounts!

    You can join the ever-growing community of Logibet even with a 50% discount, and win just like the professionals. 
    The sale lasts until this Sunday, and we give you a discount on every package from the 1-month LIVE to the 6-months PRO. Keep in mind that we provide the best deal on the longer-term subscriptions, so if you hesitated to join us before, the right time has finally come.
    How big are the discounts?
    Let’s start with the most important thing. From Tuesday to Sunday we give a 25% discount on every 1-month package and a 50% discount on every 3-months and 6-months package. You can subscribe to these packages via different links, if you want the 1-month ones, open THIS LINK, or if you fancy the longer ones (3-months and 6-months), then open THIS LINK. If you can’t see the discounted price for some reason, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service.
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