• Almost 10 months of massive winnings at Logibet

    Let's take a closer look at the numbers!

    Time flies fast and almost 10 months of the discounted price period has already passed at the life of Logibet. As you know we regularly check the performance of our top tipsters. They produced insane numbers once again - if one bet 6 euro on every single tip of the master and senior tipsters could now enjoy a healthy 4,725 euro profit!

    Both the master- and senior-level members made a brutal profit which shows that our rating system ranks the bests in the right order. Let see who made the top list this time!


    In the case of the masters, it was all about varin and Tippergreta. The leading tipster of Logibet gave roughly 3,000 tips in this 10-month period and made +618 units with them. Tippergreta had some silent spells albeit ended up with +261 units which speaks for itself, not to mention the 6.64% ROI of hers.

    There were a couple of wonderful results at the senior level as well. One of the stand-out tipsters was napi2tutitipp, who made +183 units. There were a couple of experts who made great profits with only a few picks, like gorasz9 (+73 units, 11% ROI), aprod1 (+53 unit, 13.3% ROI), steve94 (+35 units, 11.77 ROI), and Noemail (+36 units, 8.51% ROI).

    One of the most stable and balanced tipsters of Logibet is still Griezmann, who did not have a single losing month in 2018 and stands with a +94 unit profit and 21.3% ROI.

    As you can see we have a really successful period behind but it is never too late to subscribe. Our developers are working on an innovation, which allows the subscribers to sub only to the most profitable tipsters! Furthermore, we are going to introduce our profit-guarantee model - if you end up losing, we pay back the subscription fee.

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