• It has been a great January - our Senior and Junior group has been expanded

    In our latest monthy results feed, we take a look at which sports and tipsters performed well in January, and what line-up is in store for February.

    It has been a great January for our Senior tipster, mr. blonde, who has completed the first month of the year with an 8.42% ROI. Our 'Old Reliable' especially pushed towards the end of the month, hitting five out of his last six. He is joined in February with another tipster, varin, whose sensational January skyrocketed him into the Senior ranks. That makes him the first tipster in Logibet history to climb back two levels after losing two. Thanks two his risky bets, the 36 tips made him 166.18 units of profit. Now he just have to have a more successful Senior month than his last try in September last year.

    In the weekly results, we have usually praised varin and knorbika, who had the best result of the Juniors all month. The 37 tips made him 25.34 units, which meant 25.86% ROI. This made him stand out of the Junior ranks. The Junior group will see great changes in February, as oNeMountebank plummeted, but reptile, zotya1981, zsoltimolnar88 and Kormanyzo21 are ready to start the month on the higher level. The best result among the, belonged to reptile, whose 22 tips resulted in a profit of 30.46 units.

    The Rookies had an unusually strong month, mainly because of varin and the formerly mentioned quartet, so the group had a winning month as a whole as well. The line-up in February will feature many well-known names, like vazul72, Griezmann, newlbot or WBT, but new names are emerging, like npeter.

    Tipster results in January:

    Tipster GroupTip countProfitROIAvg oddsHit rate






    We would like to inform tipsters, that many have dropped a level because they haven't posted the minimum number of tips. To check where do you stand, and what criteria you need to advance or maintain your level, check your Tipster Profile.

    Logibet tipsters in February:

    Senior(2): mr.blonde, varin
    Junior(8):  Noemail, Tomihmv, knorbika, sportinsider, reptile, zotya1981, zsoltimolnar88, Kormanyzo21
    Rookie (28): vazul72, Griezmann, beregvaros, Kezso, egyszersmind, Shorty_4, fletossy, Bobsn, HUninja, diecisiete, pernahajder, newlbot, WBT, stratraki, gtfanatic, fogado90, npeter, Stalker_0222, fawkes, djcsaba, Hanyistok21, mischu72, ledocs1, Laurent_Robert, moglinho, Kezso, jackbet, bartkob

    Finally, lets take a look at the most successful tipsters and sports in January:

    Top results of January:

    Tipster GroupTipsterSportTip countHit rateAvg oddsProfit


    Junior SeniorvarinTennis580%4.57+88.7
    Rookie JuniorreptileIce hockey1384.62%1.72+25.17
    Rookie Juniorzsoltimolnar88Soccer5770.18%1.63+26.53
    RookiefletossyIce hockey2677.78%1.43+49.16
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