• Huge winnings in January!

    The first month of 2018 has ended and it was not boring at all. Both the European Handball Championship and the Australian Open made healthy profits for our tipster and subscribers

    The one tipster who stood out from the others was once again varin, who made the master level with his great performance. The 200 unit profit in January was the best accomplishment of the recent months for the experienced player, and it is granted that he will not rest in the upcoming weeks because several great tennis tournaments will kick off in the near future.

    But varin was not the only one who made our accounts thicker in the previous month, Tomihmv, sportinsider and Doxathonic also shipped plenty of units in the past 31 days.

    Off the form results predominated to our handball guru and tennis fanatic: Noemail started the year with a 12.47% ROI, Moneymaker made an 8.04% ROI, not to mention that they served our subscribers with a ton of tips.

    As you can see the experienced tipsters of Logibet are making winning tips in a thrilling fashion and starting from the last week you can sub to three master tipsters' tips.

    It is worth to join us since the numbers are speaking for themselves, furthermore, our carefully designed system uniquely guarantees that only those tipsters can lead the top list who work for it and deserves it truly.

    Logibet - Finding the edge.

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