• Earn as much money as you want as a tipster!

    Logibet, which has been a dominant player in the market for years, is looking for proven, reliable tipsters. If you also want to show that you can beat the bookies, here is the opportunity for not only others to earn money from your tips, but also for you to have a stable income. If you have a relevant tipping history, you can even start tipping with us at a paid level!

    What does Logibet offer you?

    • A subscriber base of hundreds of people willing to pay for tips from a winning tipster.
    • The tipster can determine the price and the number of subscribers to his service.
    • You can submit your tips on a modern interface, which will reach subscribers in a flash. Automatic tip evaluation, constantly updated, detailed statistics.
    • With us, the subscriber comes first, there are no useless tips, incorrect statistics or scams.

    So we are waiting for applications from those who have already gained a lot of experience on other sites and have a downloadable tip history. After integrating the tip history, you can start tipping even from the 1st place of Logibet, a prominent position, at a price determined by yourself.

    Contact us at info@logibet.com for details and let's win together!

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