• How much should I bet on each tip?

    In our next betting article, we take a look at one of the most important aspects of sports betting: how much to bet on each tip?

    When we learned about bankroll-management, we established that even the surest of bets should not be more than 5% of our bankroll. But this is just one part of the scale. How much should be an average bet? This is where tipsters come up with their own theory . Some are valid, some aren't so let's start by differentiating them.

    Unfortunately, some theories already involve  breaking the 5% rule so we can already tell they are wrong. Going all-in on every one of your bet is suicidal, for reasons we hope we don't have to explain. Some seem to follow the Martingale-strategy, claiming that if you bet on 2.00 odds you only have to double your bet if the first won lost. The only problem with this is that even if you could win like this you would also beat the bookies with a less dangerous strategy with the same tips.

    There are some credible strategies as well. If you constantly bet within the same odds range, you might want to simply bet everything with the same amount. The problem with this is that some bets are stronger than others. Therefore we here at Logibet we use a scale betting system. This means tipsters are encouraged to give a stake amount between 1-10 with every tip. Therefore a 10/10 tip should be for 5% of your bankroll (as explained earlier) and an average 5/10 tip for 2.5%. As smaller stake amounts are usually reserved for higher odds, you will still be able to manage a dynamic bankroll growth.

    If you follow the above, you will see that if a tipster reaches 200 profit, that means you would have doubled you bankroll, if you've had stick with him. Not bad, right?

    After that, you only need to decide when to change your stake. You could instantly change it and bet 0.5% per stake after every bet. This will be very dynamic but will require to do lots of maths.  What is more credible is to wait until your bankroll increases by 25% than increase your betting stakes accordingly.

    Whichever way you want to do it, this will make your bankroll grow on a steady level!

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