• Hall of Fame of Dota 2 Champions: The International’s Legends

    Among all the esports disciplines, Dota 2 tournaments are the most profitable ones, offering the highest prize pools. So the competition is always solid. Who has managed to win then?

    The History of Champions: Legendary Internationals

    Dota 2 is one of the key games in the MOBA genre in cybersports. This discipline was the pioneer in the field of professional competitions in their current value and quality. It started the modern history of esports — The International 2011 prize fund of one and six million dollars set a new level for niche and global tournaments.

    Over the years since its release, Dota 2 has modified and transformed countless times, implementing Dota2 trade for skins and items. There are now one hundred and twenty heroes designed, diversifying the gameplay and introducing lots of varieties with numerous advanced graphics and audio effects.

    The overall course of the match can be changed in the twinkle of the eye, which makes battles even more interesting. There are teams who have proven — their skills are best. Nine squads are in the hall of fame in The International gallery. Want to join them? Adjust the tactics of prior winners and take your chance!

    Natus Vincere

    The first winner of the International is Natus Vincere, a Ukraine-based team. Thanks to this achievement, Dota 2 has become more popular and widespread in this and nearby countries. Their major success also relates to CS: GO — NAVI’s squad has managed to be ranked first in three premier tournaments.

    Nicknamed NAVI, this organization has managed to grow skilled professionals in several related disciplines. Their players compete and win in matches of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, PUBG, Paladins, FIFA, World of Tanks, and others. Their performance is remarkable, which promises favourable odds for CSGO skin bets and alternative deals. Though their performance fluctuates from ups to downs and vice versa, their name is going to stay in The International and global esports hall of fame forever.


    Since the competition in 2020 was cancelled because of the worldwide pandemic and the new one is only about to start on October 7 and last ten days, the last winner succeeded back in 2019. With a prize pool of over thirty-four million dollars, this event holds the title of the most profitable championship so far. However, the next one will “steal” the crown.

    Let’s come back to the competition that took place in 2019. Apart from a great prize fund, was it special? The team who won it definitely made it unique. OG, a professional multinational European squad, has managed to finish first twice. More importantly, they have done that two years in a row. What an amazing result!

    The active rooster was reorganized, so fans and rivals highly expect their upcoming participation in The International. Like NAVI, their teams participate in other esports tournaments, trying to level up in the arenas of Valorant and CS:GO.

    Notable Achievements

    There are other teams that participated in The International. Just a brief analysis of their demographics shows that your residence doesn’t define the result, but your effort and well-organized work do:

    • Though now Wings Gaming are folded (that happened in April 2017), their contribution to the competition shouldn’t be neglected. This squad from China was entitled the best in 2016. At that time, the tournament’s prize pool equaled $20,770,460.
    • Evil Geniuses won a year earlier, in 2015. What is so fascinating about this squad is their long history. Just imagine — the organization was founded back in 1999. Celebrating a twenty-two-year anniversary isn’t likely to be the end: they are still active. There are teams who participated in other esports formats. For instance, their victory in the Call of Duty Championship held in 2018 is a great sample.
    • Newbee is another Chinese representation in The International and won its fourth season. Founded seven years ago, they did experience some issues in recent Dota 2 matches. The team wasn’t allowed to participate in these esports competitions. The news was officially published in May last year.

    Wrap It Up

    There are some phenomena that can’t help but damage the standard course of events, and The International isn’t an expectation. Though some teams are banned and the competition may be canceled because of serious inner or outer organizational reasons, it is very likely that Dota 2 fans will be rewarded with lots more of the game’s events in the future.

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