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    Your honest opinion can get you a full month of free tips!

    One of the most important principles at Logibet is to provide the users with what they expect for their money. For this purpose, we and our partner - hatharom.com - carefully monitor the opinion of our tipsters' and users'. Now you have a chance to win a free subscription! All you need to do is simply sharing your opinion with us.

    Only one question is waiting to be answered: "What do you think about Logibet and it's tipster service?" Tell us what you think HERE.

    Note: There are no right or wrong answers - we welcome the negative feedbacks as well if they are relevant and give an insight into any deficiency. We will publish the best responses to the community of our site, so those who are interested in our services can get the most possible information about Logibet before they subscribe.

    Furthermore, we are going to give away 3 monthly subs randomly to those who had the best answers. The lucky winners will be informed of this via email. Don't hold back your thoughts!

    Finding the edge

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