• Feed, Hot Events, and multiple odds formats - New features on Logibet!

    As we approach the one-year anniversary of Logibet, we still haven't run out of new features to spice up our site with. We have just implemented a new package, lets see the details!

    • Hot events: you might have noticed that on the main site, you will be able to find the eventswith the most tips, so in other words, the events that are the most interesting to our tipsters. If you click on the match, you can see all the tips for that given game.
    • Updated news feed: Our news feed has reached its final form, where the free tips and blog posts are updated automatically, and tipsters can add betting info and insider news with other tipsters and customers through the "Go to write feed" button
    • Odds format: besides the Decimal odds, that are popular mainly in Continental Europe, we have now added Fractional (UK), and American-style odds. You can toggle between them in our header, under the Quick Settings.
    • Alternative tipster rankings: If you feel that our Logibet index is not the most important statistic for you, you can now rank the tipsters based on the three basic values, profitability, stabilty and experience. For that, you only need to go to the Tipsters page click on the column you are interested in.

    If you have any questions about the features, you can find us at info@logibet.com or on our live chat service.

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