• We had a huge score in February!

    The second month of the year might be the shortest, but the bookies are glad it ended seeing our tipsters' results.

    Those who believed varin won't slow down after ascending to the Senior ranks, were right as he had a sensational month. 150 tips brought him 107.2 units of profit, mainly down to his brave but profitable high-odds bets. Thanks to him mostly, the Senior group finished with a great ROI, and having the highest profit for the group in Logibet history!

    If you usually read our weekly results, you are not going to be surprised which user we have to include in the monthly results: zotya1981 made history with out-of-the-world numbers: 263 tips, 267.68 profit and 18.74% ROI in the second month of the year. He stood out of the Junior group obviously, but Tomihmv and Kormanyzo21 had a profitable month as well, deserving our congratulations. The group has had some changes to begin March: reptile and sportinsider became Rookies, zsoltimolnar88 a Newbie, and from the Rookies, newlbot rose to the Junior ranks once again.

    Among the Rookies, it was obviously him who stood out in terms of results, he made only 11 tips to amass +57.29 units. Other honorable mentions are fletossy (+50.41), pernahajder (+57.34), fogado90 (+64.3) and Hanyistok21 (+50.04).

    Tipster results in February
    Tipster GroupTip countProfitROIAvg oddsHit rate

    We would like to inform tipsters, that many have dropped a level because they haven't posted the minimum number of tips. To check where do you stand, and what criteria you need to advance or maintain your level, check your Tipster Profile.

    Logibet tipsters in March
    Senior(2): mr.blonde, varin
    Junior(6):  Noemail, Tomihmv, knorbika, zotya1981, Kormanyzo21, newlbot

    Rookie (40):  iKeksz, dodipapa, valet, ussports, pernahajder, mischu72, ALMOSKASPORTUGAL, fogado90, HUninja, fletossy, szollosizola1993, fawkes, vazul72, Laurent_Robert, Stalker_0222, Cipolla, Kezso, bartkob, gtfanatic, MoneyMaker, Griezmann, sportinsider, ledocs1, beregvaros, reptile, iNTEGRAL, strataki, Hanyistok21, WBT, TippKing, Majzik42, diecisiete, Bobsn, dr_szamoca, Lampardking8, Nlkzm9, Crisi, OpooArchitizerLady, durcash88, himynameismark

    Finally, lets take a look at the most successful tipsters and sports in February:

    Top results of February
    Tipster GroupTipsterSportTip countHit rateAvg oddsProfit
    Juniorzotya1981Ice hockey15535.48%4.07+279.01
    Rookie ---> JuniornewlbotTennis650.00%3.75+31.45
    Rookie ---> JuniornewlbotSoccer560.00%2.79+25.84
    RookiefletossyIce hockey5477.78%1.43+49.16
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    varin 1652
    Jókor írod, basszus :)) Épp szopóágra kerültem, de reméljük, hamar vége lesz.
    Hajrá neked is, várjuk vissza a tippeket, ne add fel!
    Noemail 362
    Szép volt Varin! Eszméletlen formában vagy :)