• Special EURO 2020 picks from Pros for only 0.45 euro per day!

    For the amount of a couple of slices of bread, you can get the best EURO 2020 tips from the best tipsters. We ensure you will not find a better offer!

    The European Championships are about to begin, which will no doubt be paid attention even to those who love football less. This is when everyone sits in front of the TV, or cheers at the fan zones, watches the best matches, and with one bet at a time, it adds even more excitement. Logibet strives to provide a special EURO 2020 package for those who want to get the best EURO 2020 picks from the best betting masters to make the continental tournament not only exciting but also profitable!


    How does the EURO package work?

    The EURO package is a one-time, non-renewable subscription that lasts from the moment of purchase until the end of the EUROs, meaning you can subscribe to it at any time, even on the 10th day of the tournament. These are one-time subscriptions, meaning that Logibet will not deduct another amount after the tournament, the subscription will be terminated. You can subscribe to the EURO package just via this link.




    1.  After the payment, go to the Logibet site and subscribe to the tips of the following tip masters by clicking the Subscribe button: varinKarlssonmaradona2727kecsege55xkrecsak1GriezmannZeBerDee10
    2: Click here to register to the Discord
    3. Click here to connect to the Logibet Discord server
    4. Send us your Discord ID on this page


    What tips do I get during the EURO 2020, how many and how?

    During the EUROs, by purchasing the package, you can sign up for a special selection of tips that includes tips from the best tipsters.

    Logibet has pre-selected the tipsters that are expected to make the most profit in the next month and will only share these tips with the EURO package subscribers.

    We considered it an important criterion during the selection to recommend experienced, reliable, and statistically consistent tipsters in the package. After purchasing the EURO package, we will send you an email notification about the tips (this requires you to set your profile to ask for email tips and subscribe to the tipsters), but you can also view them by logging in to the site.

    The package was put together by Logibet to have a tip number between about 40 and 100 in a month, which is neither too little nor too much. Of course, in extreme cases, the final number may differ, but this already depends on the tipsters.


    What extras does this package offer?

    Only members who have purchased the EURO package will also be able to take part in a special betting game that will take place on Discord. The betting game will have to bet on the exact results, and the prizes will be bookmaker top-ups and Logibet subscriptions.

    In addition, after the European Championships, package buyers will receive a 50% discount on any Logibet package that is credited upon completion of the tournament.


    How much does the EURO package cost?

    The price of the special selection of tips is only € 13.99 for the entire tournament, which means that you can get the most valuable and most expected tips of the day from the best tipsters for practically € 0.45 per day.

    Logibet is the only site available in Hungarian, where all the tips of each tipster can be accurately traced back to date, result, multiplier, so all statistics are authentic and real, choose Logibet even under EUROs!


    Don't hesitate to choose the winners' camp!


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    7 matches are still to be played. You can get the best EURO2020 picks for only 13.99 EUR. Stay tuned!