• Benefits Of Using Crypto Currency In Online Casinos

    Online casinos have grown into behemoths over the years. The people love the convenience that online casinos offer. The number of women taking up online gambling has also increased. Though the initial fear of safety and security has reduced to a large extent there is always a lurking fear in the back of the mind that your casino account could be hacked. To help lower the fear, online casinos have started accepting crypto currencies. The benefits of using crypto currency are given below:


    Crypto currencies offer you additional privacy. There is no need to provide your credit card or debit card numbers or there is no need to use your net banking facility. All you need is the address of your crypto currency wallet and you are good to go. No other details are required. This gives you the added advantage of your identity remaining hidden.

    Transaction fees:

    For every transaction that you make using your credit or debit card and even if you use net-banking you will be paying fees known as transaction fees. These fees can add up to a tidy sum over a period of time. But with crypto currencies the transaction fees are very minimal and you will not mind the fees deducted as it is very small.


    The time taken for every crypto currency transaction is quicker than other traditional methods. This means you will have the necessary money to gamble sooner than usual.


    Every online casino provides bonuses to their customers. New customers get bonus included in their accounts. For example, I was going through the clovr.com review of duckdice and it is mentioned that you get awarded a minimal amount in the Duckdice faucet, which can be used to play games. There are other promotional offers too. Similarly other online casinos provide bonuses which are really cool.


    Crypto currencies are quite safe because they use block chain technology which is really hard to hack. You can be sure that your information and money is secure.

    These are the basic benefits of using crypto currency. Some people might ask if it is so secure, why do we often read about identity theft or read news such as the blacklisting of a casino etc. The point is there are people out there in this world with the sole intention of cheating others to make a quick buck. These people will always try to find a short cut to make money. Let’s face it, we gamble because we are greedy, we want more money without much effort and this feature of us is what the scamsters prey upon. Blacklisting of casinos happen because the regulatory bodies find the casino is not following the regulations. Their licences get suspended etc. Ideally, you should visit online casinos like Duckdice or others who are known and have a good name in the market. The brand value of the online casino should be the motivator rather than the extra bonuses you get.

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