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    More hot events and direct betting links for bet365 events for the quickest possible way to make great bets!

    August will be a month headlined by the Olympics, and we have two new features to make sure you have the best possible experience on Logibet.

    Firstly, based on popular demand by tipsters, we have decreased the time limit for giving tips to 30 minutes. Most soccer games have their starting line-up announced 45 minutes before the game, so this feature will help tipsters making high-value tips based on last-minute injuries or weather news, for example. Also, this helps with sports where there might be multiple event per day like darts or snooker.

    We believe this will still allow users to make the bet before the start of the game. Our main reason to believe this is our other new feature: direct betting links to bet365!

    Just click on the logo on the tip detail page, and you will instantly be taken to the page, where you only need to enter the bet amount and click submit! Note: the feature only works with tips submitted in the automated tip posting system.

    We hope this will increase your betting experience with Logibet.

    Current rankings for tipsters

    If you have any questions about the new system, you can find us at info@logibet.com or on our live chat service.

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    baseballfanatik 7
    A 30 perces időlimit MLB-ben és NFL-ben is nagyon nagy segítség a tippmestereknek, szóval kifejezetten üdvözlöm ezt a változtatást!
    juvefan 156
    És még a negatív előjelű profit is megkapta a piros színt.
    varin 1652
    nagyon fasza ötlet, nagyon sokat segít a goalscorer fogadásoknál pl!
    Tetszik, hogy közelít a rendszer a tökéletesen optimálishoz!
    Noemail 362
    Gratulálok! Ez igen komoly újítás!