• Important information for tipsters!

    The picks with under 500 $/€ limit on Pinnacle will be deleted from Logibet.

    As we wrote about earlier, starting from today we have abolished the mandatory justifications at the senior and master levels as well. Our clear goal is to only display justifications that have a high added value on the page.

    Unfortunately, in recent months, there has been an increase in the number of very unprofessional justifications coming from various "sources", "statistics" and other places, which, in our opinion, have greatly damaged the site's reputation. From now on, it will not be mandatory to write an analysis for any tip.

    At the same time, when paying tipsters, we will take into account which tipsters are willing to put their own analysis and thoughts into the work and who are not.

    We also change the limit of the Pinnacle picks. From today, the picks with under 500 $/€ limit will be deleted from Logibet.

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    Milan27 3
    Ez az 500 dollár valami vicc? A BET sem enged kisebb ligákra 50 dollárt sem. Van valami külön oka, hogy így "diszkrimináljátok" a Pinnaclet?