• This is how we guarantee, that our Tipsters pick winners!

    From now on, our best Tipsters are obliged to provide analysis for their picks.

    We have a new rule for our Senior Tipsters: Beginning at Senior level, it’s mandatory to provide a reasoning of at least 70 characters for the pick. This can be both done in English and Hungarian, but it’s not possible to provide a pick without a detailed analysis.

    As most of our changes, this also serves the interest of our Customers. This is how we ensure, that they get the best, most valuable picks from our Tipster professionals.

    We have to highlight, that you can still buy the picks of our best Tipsters for 10 cent/pick, moreover we have 3 master tipsters also providing value for your money!

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    Tippergreta 217
    Nem rossz ötlet, de akkor érdemes lenne egy külön előfizetési csomagot létrehozni a top10nek vagy a senior és a feletti tippadoknak.
    Csak egy ötlet volt, jó hétvégét!