• Prove you're a good tipster and we will reward you with €100!

    The tipster who proves first that he or she is a real expert and reaches at least the senior level will receive €100!

    At Logibet, a record number of (almost 200) tipsters provide us with picks every day! Naturally only a few of them can make it to the top of the leaderboard because it is a really tough challenge. To become the best you need to be persistent, consistent, determined and obviously practiced. Logibet is looking for future experts with a special game!

    All of the tipsters who published their first tips in 2019 can qualify, and whoever climbs up to the senior level first will be rewarded with €100! If multiple tipsters reach it at the same time, the prize will be spread between them.

    Do not forget that if you reach senior level, you will be entitled to cash out as well. Moreover, our cash out policy will change from February and our best tipsters will receive a share of €1000 each month. As you can see, it is not just about the €100 - if you feel ready for the challenge do not hesitate to join - show your knowledge and passion for sports betting!

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