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What Logibet offers you

Loads of sports betting tips

For a single subscription, you will get all of our tipsters' tips. It's up to you who you would like to follow.

Analyzation and justification besides the tips

To understand the tipsters logic regarding the pick

Authentic statistics

We track the picks of all of our tipsters and make substantive statistics of them. We make your choice process much easier.

Sports betting community

Join our Discord-channel and discuss the sports events with the other subscribers and with the tipsters themselves.

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We advise following only a few tipsters at the beginning

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With a single subscription, you will get access to all the tips on Logibet


We advise following only a few tipsters at the beginning


When you get to know the tipsters better, then it is time to select from their picks


Enjoy, that your bets are not depending on luck anymore, and your investments are starting to pay off

Why is Logibet unique?



Expert tipsters



Winning tips


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Long term profit



For whom Logibet has been proven

You definitely need to know these about sports betting

98% of bettors are loss-making.

Only the 2% who follow certain rules with betting can be profitable in the long run.

Don’t expect unrealistically big prizes

If you think that you will win hundreds of thousands of a few thousand forints, you are not thinking realistically. Those who promises such things just want to pull you down. The reality is that if you make a 10-20% return on your investment per month, you are already very good.

Don't judge by a single bet

Look at the big picture, not whether a tipster had a very good or a very bad tip.

Adhere to bankroll management!

Divide your capital into units and do not bet with more units than recommended.

Proportion of profitable bettors


Realistic expected winnings in proportion to the investment


Look at the statistics for the entire history of a tipster


One unit of your sports betting capital


How do you recognize fraudulent tip pages?

A very high proportion of tips are declared a winner

Older tips are not traceable, there is no complete tip history

There are no aggregate statistics on the performance of previous years

Statistics are not performed by an independent system, but are manipulated manually

Losing tips and critical posts will be deleted

There are no losing months, they always just communicate huge winnings

If you notice these on a hint page, quit immediately because you can be sure they’re trying to scam you

What do you need to pay attention to?

It's not the hit rate of the tips that matters, it's the ROI (Return On Investment)

Have authentic statistics and tip history that can be traced back several years

Losing tips are included in the stats weeks, months later

They do not cover periods of loss, such as can be found in the history of tips

At Logibet, we pay special attention to making these happen. So that our subscribers don’t accidentally feel like we’re trying to trick them. From us you get what you see, not empty promises.

Reviews of Logibet

I also learn a lot from the tip masters. From the articles, it becomes more and more clear to me that it is worth playing the tips, with a calm head, patiently approaching sports betting.

41balage, subscriber

It's almost half a year I have been a satisfied subscriber on Logibet. What I especially like about the site is that unlike other similar sites here for 20 euros a month I get all the tips from all the tipsters. The website is transparent, I really like that you can also search among the tips broken down by sports.

Tirith, subscriber

The service and infrastructure provided by Logibet can be said to be unique nowadays. I haven't come across any sites where the subscriber gets a fully traceable and downloadable bet history for each tipster.

nagelb, subscriber

Who should you follow?

At Logibet, tipsters are given different ranks based on their performance. we recommend that you focus on the Master (*****) and Senior (****) tipsters, select the most sympathetic ones based on their tips. Here is the current TOP3 tipster:


ROI - 2.70%

Profit: 4045.03


ROI - 13.30%

Profit: 779.02


ROI - 8.09%

Profit: 695.53

What makes Logibet unique?

1. We use a pioneering math formula to help you find the best tipster suiting your needs!

The Logibet Index includes profitability, stability and experience at the same time. This way you can easily find the perfect tipster for you.

2. Direct links to betting events

You find it hard to find tips at the bookmaker? With us, you can access the given bet with one click.

3. The simplest subscription model on the market

With one subscription you can buy all the tips of Logibet!

4. Fair tip service

No fake tips! Just real tips worth playing

5. Track your statistics with us!

Make Excel a thing of the past, use Logibet's trusted system and keep track of your sports betting statistics with us. Our system is available from anywhere.

6. Not a waste of money, not gambling, but a worthwhile investment!

Our sports experts make a profit with our tips, why don't you win with it too?!

Logibet is the perfect choice for you …

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Logibet’s professional tipsters work every day to select the best tips that can be given at the moment. Many people make a lot of money with it. Why don't you do the same?

If you want to become a tipster

If you think you are professional enough, build your reputation and make money with your knowledge. Enjoy others buying your tips and winning with them!

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