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    If you have more than one bookmaker to get a good price this is the best thing for you. For convenience have at least these 3 bookmakers, if you have even better ones, each country is different;BETFAIREXCHANGE

    If you have more than one bookmaker to get a good price this is the best thing for you. For convenience have at least these 3 bookmakers, if you have even better ones, each country is different;BETFAIREXCHANGEBET365pinnacle


    98% of bets are given by;  09:30-/-13:00  

    !!!! Throughout the month of August until September 15, the times when I publish the choices will be random.!!!! From 12am  to 11pm


    For any information Contact TELEGRAM; 




    98% of bets are given by;(  09:30-/-13:00  ) 


    For any information Contact TELEGRAM; 


    • - Pause ?

      no bets or very few bets until the major leagues open. Sorry if it was only said now.
       so it's not worth being a subscriber during this time

    • - Return.

      Here I am.
      My health seems to be improving, so I go back to posting my choices.

      I write some details that I feel like saying (I use google translate, so sorry if some words are not translated well)

      It is good to make a summary.
      -We hit 100 (Units) in January and have never dropped below 100 since January, so 2022 subscribers have had some profit as well.

      But we haven't even gone very high. This is because, as you have surely noticed, I have decided to still give a lot of importance to the stakes, I am trying to progress with some solidity of the structure without a big roller coaster.

      -The "bet" I used almost never exceeds 4 units.
      I will usually use from 1-3

      With "stake 1" there may be a lot of value but little chance of winning, or vice versa.

      With "stake 3" it means that there is a lot of value for me,
      But of course it's always good to invest in everything you post.

      -Famous major leagues are OFF, so as you may have noticed the choices have dwindled. But I will try to post if there is anything I like.

      -The stock market is in crisis, it's nice to see some green in the investor on sports.

      -Remember, we have to be patient if we want profit, as I always say, it is really difficult to make a profit in high liquidity football leagues, especially if these are pre-match and not live.
      I think I'm very good at live markets in football, but the pre-match is similar to a stock market, when teams take to the pitch everything can change.


      Hello everybody.
      As you may have noticed, my choices have declined in the last period.

      I will probably no longer publish the choices for my severe health.
      I don't know when I'll be back, but I hope to return.

      We were doing well.

      There is currently nothing more precious to me than health.

      I'm sorry, a hug to all of you who supported me.

      You can write to logibet support for a partial refund. Again, sorry.

    • - Not important update.

      So we finally have 100 units, this is a very good step.
      Remember Invest responsibly.
      I have no doubt that we would have a few months in the red.

      That time will come, but I will try not to let it come.

      -In the statistics we can see how we have wasted time and money with low value games (@ 1.00- @ 1.49). In the last month I have decided to decrease or not accept bets below @ 1.49.

      - I take this opportunity to guarantee my very traceable service in any country and any amount, on bookmakers with high liquidity.

      (My ROI goes down with "REFUND" bets, so I think I have about 10% or more ROI. And in the major leagues this is very good.

      I will try to post my bets at specific times, so that you can bet even if you are at work and enjoying life normally.)

      (Forgive my English language, I write with the translator)