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    • - Watch it! New tips: E-sport

      Dear Followers! Next to my football tips, I will give tips to you about my other passion, the E-sport. You should pay attention for its, because there isn't too much E-sport tips here in Logibet. Nowadays the E-sport is one of the fastest growing sport sector. According to some analysis in profit, and in viewer numbers the E-sport will overtake the NHL. So we'll to keep abreast of the times, let's bet on E-sport!

    • - Happy New Year!

      I wish a happy and winner new year to everyone!
    • - Merry christmas!

      I wish a merry christmas to everybody!
    • - Introduction

      Dear Followers! I'd like introduce myself and my tipster activity. I love football very much, so most of my tips will corcern about football. Later I will try tennis and handball tips. My tips particularly based on statistics. I always make analysis before I send a tip.